1. T

    Quickshow crash

    I start quickshow it notices my FB4 and i start programming. I put in a mp3 to the timeline and start adjusting my cues but after 2 cues it shuts down with no failure message. What can I do ?
  2. M

    SafetyScan Lens User Manual

    Hi, Regarding the user manual for your SafetyScan Lenses: ( Would you be able to let me know which table in the user manual applies to your Kvant CM3000FB4 (new model). The specs for that model don't...
  3. M

    Timeline - Follow System BPM

    Hi, I'm new to QuickShow and struggling with some basic concepts which are not documented very well. I've created a QuickTimeline, set the Show Properties to measure time in BPM, I've set an arbitrary BPM value and then checked the "Follow System BPM" checkbox to ensure it maps to whatever BPM...
  4. M

    Help to Effect to Flash Laser Like a Strobe

    Hi, I've been using Quickshow for only a short time and I'm struggling to build an Effect to create a fast flashing ON/OFF strobe like effect for cues. The best I came up with so far is to use a brightness effects using 0 and 100% but this give animated gradient transitions rather than the...
  5. LaserLink

    cloud Beyond ultimate

    Good afternoon, how to get data to enter the cloud
  6. M

    Midi Mapping For launchpad pro. Need Help!

    I have a Novation launchpad Pro and am using QuickShow. I wanted to know whether I can map each key to a cue, beacuse when I use the set 1st key option, only the top row of buttons work. Note of top left button is 81 (A)