2x qm2000 how can I control independently speed

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  1. Hello
    Have two cards, pro and intro. In LivePro mode sometime I want to stop moving animation on ane channel but there is only master slider for both, all channels.
    So how to control independently speed both of channel? I use MCS-3800, Novation zerosl and Pangolin console

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    I must first admit I am not a LivePro expert, I am more of a pre-programmed show guy, nor am I a MIDI expert; I barely know DMX. ;)

    I have recently been given the task of learning how to use an APC40 console and while I was "playing around" with it I found, under Enviorment->MIDI Settings->Special Keys tab a place where you can a assign a console button, slider, ect to "Momentary Activate Track 1, 2, 3, 4, and all". I assigned each of these to console buttons and when one or more of these buttons are pressed a small indicator above the track(s) preview window activates to show you that track is active; if you have a slider assigned to a playing speed "slider" you can change that slider and only the active track(s) will be affected.

    This also works from the on screen sliders if you just click the indicator above the track's preview window to activate the tracks you want to adjust but you mentioned you are using a few consoles.

    Actually, if you make sure they are all activated when you start, then when you push your momentary activate console button, only the track you are momentarily activating is active, then when you release the console button all 4 track will again be active.
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  3. need to check, thanks, let you know how it is ;]