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Discussion in 'LivePRO' started by Colourwheel, Oct 13, 2014.

  1. Colourwheel

    Colourwheel Member

    I have tested an Akai APC Mini and found two issues with LivePRO:
    when pressing the buttons with cues assigned to them, the transitions don't happen , but using the computer keyboard the transition works normal.
    Master X and Y size assigned both to one fader : if, let say, I decrease the master size and then call any cue by pressing a button on the APC Mini keypad, the master size reset to 100%.
    I have tested the same Midi controller with Quickshow and all was fine. Transitions work all right and no problem with master size when switching cue.
  2. Stuka

    Stuka Well-Known Member

    If the APC Mini is hard-coded like the APC 40 (Which I think it is), you're probably going to have to reassign all the MIDI assignments in LivePro to work with the rather "unconventional" hard-coded MIDI commands sent out by the controls of the APC.
  3. Colourwheel

    Colourwheel Member

    Thanks for the comment. I have assigned to each cue its own transition time overriding the master transition time, but unsuccessfully.
    However when using APC Mini with Quickshow, transitions are running perfectly.
    Also in LivePRO each cue has its local Midi note assigned, while this option is not found in Quickshow.
  4. Bob@Pangolin

    Bob@Pangolin Staff Member

    LivePro and QuickShow are 2 different animals.

    LivePro is more like an synthesizer for someone who wants control everything.

    In QuickShow, we took control of lots of parameters so anyone can make a Quick Show :).

    You might want to take a closer look at Beyond.
  5. Colourwheel

    Colourwheel Member

    Thank you.
    I must say I am more keen on Beyond than LivePro for the reason of more advanced 'music to graphic interaction' (in technical language: realtime audio processing) as I was explained by Alexey Sinitsyn.
    LivePro however is still a great laser display software!



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