best way creating a 3D animation of a car (as an example)

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    Working on a request of a customer I am looking for a solution to draw a 3D object (in this case a particular model of a car) identical as the original object (the car) and to animate it. The goal is to draw it accurate (outlines like chassis, lights, wheels, front etc.) and animate it by using the camera view of beyond 3D.

    Using: Beyond Ultimate build 940 and 3D Modeling and Animation build 14101

    What is the best way to model this 3D object?

    I tried it with 3D Modeling and Animation but could not figured out how to model without using a bunch of single objects. I tried it with Advanced Frame Editor but could not find ot, how to create an animation (view to the 3D object from all directions) wich can be handled as a cue with lots of single frames.

    I am working with Autodesk Inventor 17. Could that be the best way to design the car this way and export it as a .fbx file..?

    Any recomodations for a suitable method or practical work arround?
    Thanks for any help.
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    I would recommend the combination of 3D Objects for the global structures and for fine details like front lights etc... working with splines.

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