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    Im creating a .NET library to access Beyond objects from any .NET language. (C#, VB, C++)

    What is it used for:
    Access and manipulate parts of the object tree from your application.
    Some features not found in pangoscript. (loop through arrays, advanced code auto completion)

    Not used for:
    Sending laser frames.
    Animating parameters. (Two network packets are send for every request)

    If you are interested in integrating Beyond into your own software and would like to receive beta access, please respond in this thread.
  2. ENOT

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    Beta access to your SDK?
  3. cjbor

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    Yes. I would like to see if people are interested in such a project.
    Communication is based on the UDP Talk-Server and OSC.

    Here is a small example to get all muted zones in your project.
    BeyondInstance beyond = new BeyondInstance("", 16062, 8000, 100);
    List<Zone> mutedZones = beyond.GetZones().Result.Where(z => z.GetMuted().Result).ToList();
    foreach (var zone in mutedZones)
        Console.WriteLine(zone.GetName().Result + " - " + zone.GetMuted().Result);
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    How are you with other programming languages? Just this exact implementation might be far from optimal.