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    I am brand spanking new to LivePRO, so forgive me if I'm asking something that should be painfully obvious...

    Our planetarium purchased a Bitstream 3x midi controller for me to use to design digital animations via arKaos VJ for our all-dome video projection system. It works AMAZINGLY well for that (multiple sliders and knobs assigned to multiple live graphics effects (which right now have to be rendered, but oh well.)

    The controller has a million sliders and knobs, a joystick (with options to add more joysticks, foot pedals, etc.)

    Will Bitstream 3x work with LivePRO? As in, can I assign sliders to affect zoom, fade, rotation etc? The neat thing about the Bitstream is the joystick is actually part of a one-handed x,y,z movement system (joystick, plus a touch-sensitive slide-pad that you can use your pinky to use.)

    Thanks all...this software looks like something that might actually approach our old analogue laser controller we used 25 years ago. Well, approach and surpass... ;-)
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    Actuators and LivePRO

    Another quick newbie question:

    We just got LivePRO. Before then to run stuff "live" I was having to create a Showtime program...then open up the Live function and manually assign frames to the buttons on our Laser Performer control board. Very, very tedious (and much faster in LivePRO.) However, it had a nice advantage, in that when I assigned a frame, I could go to the bottom of that window and actually program the X & Y position which would move the actuators and thus give a bigger area to move laser images around in.

    Can LivePRO cues also handle changing the X & Y position of the actuators like the Live function of Showtime can?

    Thanks all...

    Merry Christmas

    Laser Ed