Can LivePro work with a Easylase DAC

Discussion in 'LivePRO' started by Maurice, Sep 8, 2008.

  1. Maurice

    Maurice New Member

    Somewhere I have red LivePro is based on a open platform. Does this mean It can also work with other hardware than the pangolin hardware.

    I'm now using Phoenix :eek: for show devolpment but would like to use LivePRO for live performance.
  2. Pangolin

    Pangolin Staff Member

    Dear Marice,

    LivePRO is indeed "open" insomuch as it uses the PC to perform calculations, and then it can send the result to various hardware platforms. At the moment, LivePRO can output to the QM2000 PCI board (installed into a PC), or the QM2000.NET (connected over a wired or wireless network) or the FB3 board.

    It is possible that LivePRO could output to other hardware if we really wanted it to. The problem is... we really don't want it to. Here are some reasons:

    As you know, Pangolin sells software through a worldwide network of dealers. Each year we contact dealers and discuss various business topics. A few years ago, we asked our dealers two questions. The first question is -- do you think it is a good idea to open up our hardware (particularly the FB3) so that it can be used by other people's software? The second question is -- do you think it is a good idea to open up our software so that it can be used by other people's hardware? Surprisingly, our dealers unanimously said NO, it is not a good idea to do either of these things. Our dealers told us that the word Pangolin represents quality, and that the way to ensure quality is to make sure that both Pangolin software and Pangolin hardware are used.

    There is another issue, which is support. Suppose we sold you LivePRO and it didn't work with your hardware? Would you think the problem was our software or your hardware? Certainly there would be hard feelings and perhaps misinformation spread about your experience with Pangolin software, even if it was entirely caused by the other hardware. And at the very least, we can agree that this would cause additional support emails and phone calls, both of which ultimately raise the costs to our clients. (If we have to pay additional people to spend additional time for support, this money would have to some from somewhere...)

    We care about quality and we care about the customer experience. We want to make sure that there are no questions or problems when using our systems. Other hardware would inevitably cause such problems and, while I don't want to publicly denigrate the hardware you mentioned, on a personal level, I just haven't seen hardware made by other companies that I feel is as good as ours.

    If you investigated it, I believe you would find that you could do better shows, and do those shows easier and faster, and probably for less money using Pangolin's LD2000 or FB3 platform, than you are with your current platform.

    As an aside, this year two-out-of-three ILDA Award Winning shows were produced using Pangolin software, and I am pretty sure that none were produced using Phoenix!

    Best regards,

    William Benner