Can't remove "pangolinSMS Demo" in text messages in VDJ plugin

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    Hi I have IMU basic and using the Virtual DJ plugin. The IMU activated fine with the License.bmp and can send text messages to the VDJ plug in. However the messages sent to VDJ from IMU still displays "PangolinSMS Demo" in the messages, when displayed on VDJ.-see attached thum nail.
    I have tried dragging and dropping the license.bmp into the VDJ essentials, OPTIONs tab, when the plug in is active, but the demo message is still displayed on VDJ. I don't know if IMU is generating the demo message when sending it to VDJ or whether the Essential Visual ADJ plugin is doing it.
    I have even done a full uninstall re install of IMU, but it still doing it. I had previously run the demo version of Essential Medai and IMU, but installed the full version Bill sent me when I bought the licensed copy.
    I'm running Windows 7 with VDJ v7.2.
    My next step was to uninstall VDJ and reinstall but I really dont want to do this !!

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  2. robwhiteside

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    All sorted now!

    Well all sorted thanks to Bill and his team and their excellent support
    Bill resent me the retail version and regenerated a new license.bmp for me now all sorted!
  3. Bob@Pangolin

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    Just for the record, this is how you remove the Pangolin SMS Demo in the VDJ plugin.

    Well, you don't remove it, but you activate it.

    The instructions are:

    Please open the Essential Media plug-in and click on the OPTIONS button. Then drag the license.bmp file from your email program or desktop and drop it into any black part of the OPTIONS area and it will be activated as full working version.
  4. Pangolin

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    Actually what Bob wrote is applicable for our Essential Media plugin (the plugin used for media playback), not Essential Visuals (the plugin used for text messaging).

    The Essential Visuals plugin itself will never append "Pangolin SMS Demo" or anything similar. BUT, the *demo* version of IMU will do this.

    Rob's problem is that somehow he had downloaded the *demo* version of IMU, and not the *retail* version. The *demo* version can be downloaded from the PangolinSMS and PangolinPlugins web sites, but the *retail* version must be sent directly from us.

    (We keep the versions separate as an anti-piracy measure.)

    If anyone else has this kind of problem, please contact us directly to obtain the retail version.

    Best regards,

    William Benner