Color chase effet between zones

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  1. aricha

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    Let say that you have 4 projectors.
    Each projector has its own FB4.
    All 4 projectors are projecting a white wave.

    How can you make a color effect that will run between the different projectors.

    step 1 : Red White White White
    step 2 : White Red White White
    step 3 : White White Red White
    step 4 : White White White Red
  2. ping141

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    Make a new zone that uses “also to”. Include all your four zones and assign each to a quarter of your new zone. Fire your cue in your new zone and make a color effect that has discreet color and that has 1/4 of one color and 3/4 of the other. Give it some speed and you should be good.

    Or, coming to think of it, that might now work with the colors. I’ll get back to you on this… :)
  3. hawkintel

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    You can use Multi-zone time-shift which works on colours as well as other effects such as brightness.

    If you don't know how to do this, then simply select the zones you wish to use, then select the cue you want to use. Then create the key effect colour you want so that all zones are changing colour at the same time.

    Now under the effect tab under the preview window, right click in the area where your effect names appear and you will see an option effect properties. Select this, then you will see the Multi-zone time-shift. You can shift either by time or by tempo.

    This will now "chase" or "fade" your selected colours across the chosen zones one colour at a time
  4. aricha

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    Thank you
    I will try that