Considering upgrading - Seeking FAQ comparing QS2 to LivePro

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    Hi LivePro heads,

    With my second FB3QS on the way, I'm also considering upgrading to LivePro. From what I can tell so far from reading on the forums, it seems QS2 outpaces LivePro in a few areas. Perhaps LivePro is a little bit "legacy" compared with QS2 however people rave on about how amazing LivePro is.

    I was wandering if there was a feature-for-feature comparison table for the two applications? Is there a signficant upgrade forthcoming for LivePro which will brings its features in step with QS2?

    My primary motivator for upgrading is primarily MIDI control related and tempo syncronisation related and also hoping to overcome some of the limitations I've encountered with QS2 with regards to QuickFX and QuickCapture.

    As much as I love QS2, I have come across some QS2 limitations which are making the delivery of the show concept I have in development (hybrid DJ/LivePA/Laserist show i.e. the DJ and the laserist being the one person means it's easy to anticipate set structure) an ugly series of workarounds.

    The information on this website provided on LivePro is only a brief over-view which is insufficient to convince me to spend up on a LivePro upgrade. I'm looking for specifics.

    In QS2 for example, I've discovered the Virtual LJ function has no influence on QS2's master tempo - it seems to just be a Cue flipper. The QS2 manual explains it is an experimental function and that tapping the Space Bar is better however the Space Bar DOES influence the QS2's master Tempo, yet Virtual LJ has no effect. Indeed, Virtual LJ is only useful on the Statics page. Can I expect better from Live Pro? From Traktor Pro I can send a dedicated audio feed of perfectly accurate Metronome ticks or, better still, MIDI Clock. Will Live Pro fit the bill with my syncronisation needs?

    Also I have a variety of MIDI controllers at my disposal. For Lasershow use I recently bought a Livid Systems Ohm 64 which features a nice 8x8 matrix of buttons (I wish it was 10 x 6 buttons to match Quickshow's screens) capable of LED feedback and a good assortment of pots and faders. To my dismay I discovered some crucial mapping destinations are missing in QS2. For example, Blackout [esc], RotationAngle invert ([`]), and the ability to pick different pages of cues. Ideally, I was hoping QS2 would output Cue statuses as MIDI data which would update whenever statuses of running Cues is altered by the mouse or if I change Cue Pages however, considering QS2 is the entry level, I was not surprised to find there is no MIDI feedback possibilities. Also I wish the Livid had possibility to redefine the number of Cues shown so that I wouldn't have to manually limit my Cue layout.

    Otherwise, I have at my disposal a flying fader console, a Mackie Control Universal Pro with two additional Extender fader packs. Ideally I'd love to be using the MCU rig for laser control due to its touch sensitive motorised faders, endless V-Pots for each track and scribble strip text displays above the faders, however it doesn't lend itself well to applications which do not natively support MCU protocol since (without using some messy middleware software to translate events) it's not possible to remap MCU's MIDI messages. Is there a chance that Pangolin will someday consider supporting MCU? It is one of the few widely supported control surfae protocols in DAW land and thus there are a large number of 3rd party control surfaces which also mimic MCU protocol (if Pangolin developed MCU bi-directional communication, then this good work would also suddenly make it compatible with several other 3rd party MIDI controllers).

    Other control surfaces I have: NI Maschine, NI Kore 2, NI Kontrol X1, NI Kontrol S4, Behringer BCR2000, CME-#2,

    Is it possible to run a time-limited demo of LivePro?

    I have the installer on my QS2 disk however it is prompting me for an authorisation code.

    Many thanks and sorry for ll the questions ... A proper FAQ/comparisonchat/Demo possibility would eliminate most of my questions.