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Discussion in 'Phoenix' started by franky-nl, Jan 17, 2017.

  1. franky-nl

    franky-nl New Member

    i have a phoenix 4, how can i login to the cloud to get shows and frames?
  2. Daniel-Pangolin-Support

    Daniel-Pangolin-Support Pangolin Support

    Dear Franky,

    Phoenix4 does not have a Pangolin cloud connection.

    This feature is only available in QuickShow and BEYOND (starting from version 3).

    If you like to access the Pangolin cloud with many free new frames, animation and shows, it is to consider to change to Quickshow or/and BEYOND and benefit from this and many more features.

    Give it a try and download the current DEMO version of Quickshow:

    Here you can see some great features of QuickShow:

    Kind regards