Daisy chain several ILDA lasers with a FB3QS controller

Henrique Delben

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Hello! I know that it is possible to daisy chain with the ILDA cable, but it doesn’t allow to stream independent content for each laser since it can only transfer one string of data at a time. I have an enttec dmx usb pro here, is it possible to use it with a DMX controller to daisy chain with ethernet, or even DMX? Or the enttec interface I have it is only used to interface the DMx controller and a laser software on my windows PC such as quickshow, allowing me to control the laser through a DMX? In summary, how could I daisy chain several lasers without using the ILDA cable, but DMX or AltNet instead?
ILDA and DMX are 2 separate protocols, you cannot intermix those.
You can daisy chain ilda cables, but you cannot have different output. If you want unique output on every laser, you will need a controller per laser.

QuickShow can control DMX lasers and Enttec pro, but only with the images/animations that are embedded in the laser. QuickShow images cannot be send through DMX to a laser.

Does that explain it?
First of all thank you so much for your answer

“Does that explain it?”Definitely, but I’m too dumb. I think you’ve already realized I’m new to all of this. I’m sorry if it’s too much to ask for you, but how would be connection setup? I mean on this example you gave me: “QuickShow can control DMX lasers and Enttec pro”. Would it be something like: DMX controller > DMX input port of the enttec and DMX output port > DMX IN on the laser? If yes, when you say embedded, you mean like quickshow images which are recorded in a SD card inside the laser?