DMX Gratings in Live Pro

Discussion in 'LivePRO' started by Schoschi, Nov 1, 2006.

  1. Schoschi

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    Hi, I've got a question according to the Live Pro Version.

    I've a laser system with different DMX beam switcher. You can controll them with the TTL function, which works really good.

    Additionally I have a 10-fold polysection grating with DMX activation.
    The activation of the different gratings is effected by the default of the values 0 to 255.
    My problem is that I cannot activate them with the TTL function because I just can switch them on or off. So I just can activate 2 effects from the polysection grating (Value 1 or 255).

    Comparable to the LD 2000 you cannot play DMX frames with Live Pro. Is it true?

    Is there any possibility to solve this problem?

    Thank you for your help!

    Georg W.
  2. Pangolin

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    Hi Georg W.

    We do have a really cool solution for this, but it isn't scheduled for incorporation into LivePRO until the release of our Next Generation software. And I don't really want to give you an interim build, or some kind of hack to get you by before then.

    So in the mean time, it will be interesting to hear the opinion of others about this. It could be that one of our other users has a good temporary solution for you.

    Best regards,

    William Benner
  3. Schoschi

    Schoschi Member


    I would be very happy if you could find a solution for this

    Maybe has got an idea how to solve this problem

    Greetings Georg W.
  4. Insanity

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    I have apoly 20 wheel and also would love to be able to control it out of Live Pro. Currently I have no idea how to do this, so any tips/help would be very well received.

  5. GlennT

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    As Bill posted, there is a next generation software on its way which has much more flexible DMX capability complete with 0-255 levels. We also use DMX gratings in our systems and have modified our electronics temporarly to account for this until the new version is released.