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    Having tried to add new smilies & animated gif's onto VMU i suspect there may be a problem in adding new ones !!

    Ive tried different sizes, static ones & animated ones, and checked the formating was correct, but without success

    could you guys at pangolin have a look at this to see if there is an issue, as i have a project coming up that require a twist in the emoticons & smileys already loaded.

    If there is a way of increasing the size of the emoticon ofr some nice funky animated versions !!????
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    Having discussed this with you by email after you wrote this post, we discovered that you were trying to add the icons the wrong way. You found an icon directory, and simply added a bunch of files to the directory, and then wondered why nothing happened...

    Although this is a logical way to add icons for an advanced user such as yourself, most of our users are not so advanced. We do not make the assumption that most users know what directories are, let alone how to add files to them :D

    For that reason, the best way to add new icons to VMU is to right-click on the VMU window, and choose the menu SETTINGS and then the submenu EMOTICONS SETTINGS. There you will find a dialog box that will allow you to add icons and associate strings to those icons.

    Best regards,

    William Benner