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    Hi Glenn and Hugo,

    I have a client here who is looking at LivePRO. He is from what we might call the "old school" of doing laser shows. This is the scenario he want me to show him how to do in LivePRO. Since you are most familiar with this sort of thing, and I am sure you have encountered this in the past, I am wondering if you could post a reply here on the LivePRO forum, and that way we will all have the answer.

    The client wants to "start out with just a beam", and then maybe slowly start moving the beam back and forth on the X axis or so. Maybe at the same time, bring in some color cycling, and then maybe some Y oscillation, etc. Basically just starting simple and then building in excitement, etc.

    William Benner
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    Ok, LivePRO is definitely your answer to old school effects, though you speak of a single beam, this is dangerous so I assume you will firstly set a zone that is well above coming in contact with your audience, or coming in contact with any reflective surface that will reflect the beam in that way too.

    Once you have done this, you need to make a frame that has a beam placed directly on the circle line and diagonal line of the dome projection view in Designers drawing window and also the same distance from 0 axis in the Z depth too, this way it is offset from the centre axis allowing you to easily apply X, Y and Z rotations without clipping the image. Make the beam have no more than 80 points, depending on how many beams you want to add to the chase. Livepro has 4 tracks, therefore you would most likely be making 4 beams doing different pans with different colour chases, this means with a beam with 80 points your total output of 4 beams will be 320 points, that leaves another 680 points of preferred capable output when utilising Cambridge 6800 scanners.

    Now, with this beam save it in your preferred Livepro folder, I've made a folder called frames and place them in there. Now, open LivePro and load the frame onto 4 separate cues and follow these steps:

    Click on the first cue
    Click on the "CUE" tab
    In the image tab click on the Pr-Zones tab
    Now assign the cue to the "safe" zone you have set
    Now just above this you see "Track" with 4 boxes, assign this cuie to track 1 by clicking in the box. Now that cue is set, follow the same steps for the next 3 cues BUT assign them to a different track, the next on track 2, next on 3 and last on 4.

    click on "PLAY"
    Now in the CONTROL tab you will see the 4 tracks, just above them is a button each with a yellow box with "track x", this is what's called activate or deactivate the track. This function allows you to apply a totally different effect to each track utilising the LIVE CONTROL tabs functions. So, now click on the first cue for track 1, now click on this deactivate / activate track buttons for tracks 2,3 and 4, deactivating them. Now click on the LIVE CONTROL tab and go to the position and rotations tab. Here you will see 6 dials, the left 3 being rotation "angles" for X,Y and Z and the right 3 being speeds for X,Y and Z. I assume you will prefer the right 3, so now click and hold your mouse on the Y dial and slide until you see the beam start moving left and right, now do the same to the Y dial and you will see it start moving up and down. Now leave that running, and click on the next cue for track 2, Now deactivate tracks 1,3 and 4 and make track 2 active (yellow box is active, grey box is deactivate) Perform the same process using the rotation dials but make it a different speed for each axis Perform the same process for the next cue for track 3, and then for track 4. Now you will have 4 beams moving differently

    There are 2 ways to apply colors, you can set static colors for each beam or color chases for each

    Using the activate/deactivate tracks make track 1 only active
    Now in the LIVE CONTROL tab you will see a color wheel, just under that is a button called "active" Click in this box to make the active track go to this color,
    click your mouse in the dial and move it to the preferred color, the outer edge has more exact colours Now deactivate track 1 and make track 2 active, click the color wheels active box off and on again to set the state for this new track Now click in the wheel to select your next color state. Perform this for the next 2 tracks making each a different colour.

    You can apply a nice "to the beat" effect by turning each track on or off halting the output and jumping between tracks on the beat changing the color and rotation of outputted beams each time you change, this may be confusing to read so just do this: Assuming you have followed the above steps without pressing stop, press the buttons F9,10,11 and 12 on your keyboard. You will see each track turn off with "image suspended" appearing in the track windows. You have temporarily suspended the output but NOT affecting what you have set. Now hit F9 you will see track 1 turn on, now on the beat hit F9 and F10 at the same time, now you have jumped from track 1 to 2 on the beat changing the output beam color and rotation speed, now on the next 8th beat hit F10 and F11 at the same time, you see you can make this into a nice "to the beat effect"

    Before we go any further, to save all the settings you have made such as the rotations etc, you can snapshot all this into one cue, allowing you to simply click on one cue and get all the 4 tracks running with the beams as you have set.
    You will see just above the 4 track windows and to the left slightly there is a little camera, click on this and drag it to drop onto a cue. Now you can hit "stop" then play again resetting LivePRO then hit this cue and your back to where you were. You can use this function to make many different beam chases making in-operation much easier. If you want to go further, there is also a recorder in LIVE CONTROL tab which you can record your F9-12 chases and cue hits and place this recording into a single cue too, let me know if you need help with that too.

    OK, color chases.
    Click stop then play,
    Click on an empty cue
    Now in the top of Livepro you will see a long row of icons, there is one on the left side which is a wheel of colors, click on this and you will see a window appear, in this window you will see a drop down menu for different color cycle effects, its pretty straight forward, you should play with this to get the best color effect you like. It would take a lot more typing from my end to tell you how, so if you have a go yourself it would be easier, let me know if you need any help with this. To make it easy to see what color effect you are building there is a indicator at the top of this window showing you the color cycle as your going, this is what will scroll through the image.

    Anyway, once you make a color effect for that cue, go to another 3 cues and make different color effects for each. Now assign each to their own track by: Go to the CUE tab Go into the tab "effects" Click on the color cycle tab Now assign it to track 1 by clicking in the track box 1 same as you did above for the beam cue Now do the same to the next 3 color cues but each will be on a different track, 2,3 and 4 Now click on play Click on the snapshot cue of all 4 beams running Now click on the color cycle you have set for track 1, you will see track 1 have the color cycle,
    now click on the next 3 color cycle cues and all 4 have color cycles

    NOW, there are many more things you can do at this point
    1) you can fade between the color cycle and the static color you have set for that track, make track 1 active only, now closest to the left of the color wheel in the LIVE CONTROL TAB there is a slider, this will fade between the color cycle and the static color of that track. This has applied this to only that active track, you can do the same to the next 3 tracks individually or apply it to all 4 tracks at the same time by making all 4 tracks active when you slide this slider.

    2) you can see that when you made the 4 color cues you assigned it to their own track, but what if you want to be able to apply the color cues to whatever track you want, easy, you simply click on the color tab that is at the bottom of the cue window between the cue pages tabs and set 1 and set 2 tabs. Click on the color tab, now in this mode, whichever track is active, whichever color cue you hit this will go into that track only.

    There you have it, let me know if you need any more help.