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    Hello all -

    first let me apologize for possibly asking questions that have been, i'm sure, asked already. I briefly went through the forums but didn't come across anything.

    Also, I am coming from another company who I have found to offer terrible support and answering questions, save one person, a user of that software, on Facebook.

    That being a said, I am a noob to this text to screen.

    I just purchased a MiFi Liberate from At&T. It has its own number and receives text messages. it also creates a hotspot. (can this be used with your system) it can connect wirelessly or tethered thru a usb cable

    I also have an iphone on AT&T. I dont mind using my number as its the buisness line. I saw in the support section it can be connected... how would that connect to my laptop?

    I use Virtual DJ and I see you have a plugin for that. Is there anything else I would need to do or add?

    Please Obi Wan Kenobi you are my last hope...
  2. Pangolin

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    Dear Zamooda,

    Within the USA, mobile companies *really* don't want you to use an iPhone for broadcast text messages. Even the Apple store will not allow such things. Because of this, within the USA iPhones can not be used along with our software.

    However, our software does work with common modems that you can purchase for around $50 on Amazon.com.

    So with this, what you'd generally need is something like:

    1) Text To Screen Essentials for $249
    2) A modem for around $50
    3) A SIM card which is placed into the modem. The SIM card could be from your phone, which you would occasionally move from your phone to the modem and back, on an as-needed basis. Alternatively the SIM card could be a separate account. If you're interested, we could put you through to a T-Mobile representative who would get you hooked up with an unlimited text account for around $30 per month with no contracts and no commitments.

    Please let us know if you have any additional questions.

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