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Discussion in 'LivePRO' started by Peter, May 6, 2004.

  1. Peter

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    We have recently started using LivePro and think that it is great. The functionality that it provides above standard Live is great.

    We have had an idea of an enhancement for it. We generally do large laser shows, we will normally have 5 or more lasers in one room. We think that it would be great if you could assign a track to a projection zone.

    This way you would be able to define what is running on each laser, and essentially LivePro would be able to control multiple lasers.

    Now i know that with only 4 tracks, you are going to become very limited as to what you can do with each laser, so perhaps more tracks? 4 per scanner used?

    From my understanding of how the system works, i believe that it would be possible to 'sync' all the lasers by running multiple LivePro machines, networked together. But for user friendliness, and space / equipment purposes, having one console would be great.

    Only an idea, but i think that you could create some truly stunning work, if LivePro could control all of the lasers you are using from one console.

    Peter Ranson
    Laser Attraction (UK)
  2. GlennT

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    Hi Peter,

    Thanks for your post.

    Its great to hear these types of messages, to see that there are users out there runnning multiple scanner shows. This is exactly what LivePRO was designed for.

    The great thing is, LivePRO currently does exaclty what you want. We spent much time designing it to do this very well.

    There is a "Track to zone" system in place which should be used at EVERY show. Just like we setup our zones each show, you also setup your track to zone system. If you have the latest workspace you will see there are 4 snapshot cues (cue with 4 grey squares). This looks like a snapshot that has snapshotted nothing in the tracks, but what you may not know is that this snapshot is purely setup as a track to zone snapshot. Firstly, know snapshots record ALL live control settings, not just whats been outputted on each track, but all the settings behind each track including track to zone settings.

    The Track to zones dialog box is accesible via a little arrow icon/button just above track 1. This then allows you to make specific tracks to goto specific zones and eventually to different scanner QMs.

    Before you start making track to zone settings, we have already devised a great solution to apply this track to zone function. If you have downloaded the latest livePRO you will be provided with a jpg showing you this solution. This solution is called "sectors". How this works is, all lasershows are usually a setup of lasers that are positioned symetrical. By this I mean either 1 or dual head laser in the middle, with 2 identical type lasers either side and maybe another pair of identical type lasers either side of those. These symetrical pairs are assigned to sectors, where sectors are a group of 1 or more lasers.

    Lets look at tracks, theres 4. We found that for a great beam effect show you need 3 things, an audience scanning zone, a mirror effects zone and overhead zones. Firstly, mirror effects are controlled via the beam chaser. So were left with audience scanning and overhead. For audience scanning we want each symetrical pair to do something different to the other symetrical pairs or the central laser/s, therefore each track is assigned to symetrical pairs, essensialy, track 1 goes to sector 1 lasers, track 2 to sector 2 lasers and track 3 to sector 3 lasers. Now were just left with overheads. Weve put this to track 4, only one track for all lasers overhead effects only because overhead effects is a powerful "look" and in most cases you want all lasers doing the same thing here, so track 4 is assigned to all lasers overhead zones. Included with the latest LivePRO download is a zone file which has been pre setup to accompany this sector system. The good thing is the latest 3.50 LD has 30 zones, therefore we have been able to make a zone file using 20 zones for livepro and the first 10 zones are still the pangolin preferred zones as they should be so that all Showtime shows are compatible. Take a look at the "sectors" picture and the zone file, let me know if you need any help with this, I am happy to talk directly with anyone who needs help with this because we think this system is the best posible solution for Livepro multiple head shows, email me at

    Now, you mentioned 5 or more lasers. Lets say you have 5 lasers, Im assuming one main laser in the middle, and 2 on the left and 2 on the right or there abouts. You would assign the middle laser to sector 1 (trk1), another 2 symetrical lasers to sector 2 (Trk2), the other 2 lasers to sector 3 (Trk 3).Then all lasers overhead zones to track 4.

    You also talk about more tracks. NO WAY! Livepro is already a VERY busy system, any more tracks becomes too much. This is why the LivePRO network system was devised, this overcomes all the problems assocuated with too little qty of tracks.

    If you have more lasers OR you want all lasers to do different things, then the LivePRO network link system is PERFECT for this. We use this all the time, dont think you need more controllers, you can have for example 10 livepro PCs linked then run it from one controller. This network link system means that when you hit cue 1 on one Livepro PC, cue 1 of the other PC/s are hit too. But the great thing is each PC can be on a different page! This means that a totally different cue is output to each laser! So one performer console can control many many PCs running MANY MANY lasers!
    let me know how you go,

  3. Pangolin

    Pangolin Staff Member

    I can add only one thing to what Glenn wrote above. Actually I am a little surprised Glenn did not mention this but...

    The LivePRO update version 3.50 includes a brand new workspace from Glenn called PlayTime2004. This workspace is specifically designed for multiple scanners and uses 30 zones. Please see the Playtime2004Workspace directory for complete instructions on how to use this workspace.

    Note that this workspace is NOT included on the 3.50 installation CD and can only be obtained by downloading the LivePRO update version 3.50.

    Best regards,

    William Benner
    Pangolin Laser Systems
  4. Peter

    Peter Member

    You see, i thought that there would be some kind of track to zone system in place, i just could not find it. has it been in all versions?

    with regards to winamp, how do you get it reacting to line in signals, it seems to be very poorly documented.
  5. GlennT

    GlennT Well-Known Member


    how did you go with it?

    I use the track to zone system with snapshots too. For example, track 1,2 and 3 goto sector 1,2 and 3 lasers, I make 3 tracks with beam effects so now all 3 sectors lasers have effects running, then I make a snapshot of this look. Now from one button press I run multiple lasers simultaneously.

    I see livepro being pages of indiviidual cues to control individual lasers, but then other pages should be entirely snapshots.