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Discussion in 'LivePRO' started by beamb, Aug 11, 2003.

  1. beamb

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    Newbie question...

    How do we input music from a mixing board to LivePro in order to use the detect beat feature?

    We know how to use the winamp plugin for music played from the computer.

  2. GlennT

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    Hey Jim,

    You utilise Winamp as the audio detecting system. There is a DLL file that you need to place into the plugins folder located within the Winamp folder. This file is named "vis_lp.dll". This plugin will allow Livepro to detect the audio.

    Once you have placed the file into this directory you open Livepro, open winamp, then in winamp goto "select plugin" then pick from the visualization directory this plugin. You will see a new window appear that will allow you to see the left and right channels low, low mid, high mid and high frequency detection pulses and levels. The slider allows you to select the level that you want Livepro to detect. I set this to about 75%, but is totally audio dependant.

    If you intend to go this route, then I also suggest another plugin that will help winamp detect better, this plugin is named "in_cdda.dll". You take this plugin and place it also into the plugins directory of winamp, and as shown above, follow the same proceedure to select the plugin, but this plugin will apear in the "input" directory. If you cant find this plugin, let me know and I will email it to you.

    If you intend not to use an internal source such as wav, MP3 or CD input, but via input from an external source, then you need to input the audio through your sound card input, then goto winamp, select Play/location then type in "linein://" then click ok.

    Now start Livepro and select "audio detect" which is the speaker icon next to the beat counter then just play. Note there are some selections that you may need to choose from to allow the detection to be directed in different ways such as beat detect to key effect/effect/image/jump to/ etc . This is located also near the beat counter, the icon is a spanner "tools" icon.

    If you need any further information, let me know.

    Have fun..



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  3. beamb

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    Thanks! That worked.

  4. djtraximus

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    Hi Glen,

    Just sharing something that may be useful in using Winamp as the audio detecting system.

    I use a laptop for the following fun whilst using the LivePRO Plug In.

    Via a high speed wireless network connect Winamp to a Shoutcast stream like a dance station and the plugin allows LivePro to detect this stream. You can get sound output just by using the audio line out on the laptop to a mixer or amp.

    The fun gets better - Rrun Winamp Stream Ripper at the same time which rips the stream into MP3 files complete with tags. All whilst the laser is being driven by the Plug In. A library can be created from the rips and then a subsequent playlist from whatever stream genre you want. Streams vary in quality from 320 kbps which is CD quality to a non buffering 128Kbps which is very acceptable quality.

    I have managed to build a 400GB library through ShoutCast and a DVD MP3 Burn will give you about 40 hours of constant music... thereby enabling high portabilty of your (large) audio source...a key asset if you want to drive your laser this way and really control the show.