Installing IMU on a different system?

Discussion in 'Pangolin Virtual DJ Plugins and SMS' started by kamakajee, Sep 11, 2012.

  1. kamakajee

    kamakajee Active Member

    Hi All,
    Lately I have been facing problem with the laptop on which I have installed the IMU, thus plan to go for a new system, but found out that I have misplaced the installation CD:( that came in the mail. My question is:-
    Can I download the installation file from Pangolin site?
    Will I have to pay for a copy of the same, even though I'm not duplicating the files, just want to move them to a different laptop.

    Any advices is highly appreciated!%)
    thanks Kama
  2. djmila

    djmila New Member

    no ,you must save this file.... c:/pandolinSMS600/Licence.bmp ( for activate ) from email where they sent a license is the download link with EMU for you

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