iPhone to laser!

Discussion in 'LivePRO' started by Laseronics, Jun 27, 2008.

  1. Laseronics

    Laseronics Beta Tester

    I created a cool networking and remote control for Pangolin.
    I use my iPhone to remote control any of Pangolins applications. This is a really cool feature and allows more flexibility when setting up projection zones and such.

    Plus it is really cool to control the laser show with a phone!

    pics at...

  2. Laseronics

    Laseronics Beta Tester

    Quite a few people have asked how I did this, so I will post here.

    I am using the first gen iPhone as the
  3. dpssl

    dpssl Member

    just a little correction: Your iphone must be jailbreaked and not "bricked". You also need the Installer by Nullriver to install your software or need an ssh activision. Touchpadpro is shareware. You can also use VNSea. Its free..

    is this mod legal?
  4. Laseronics

    Laseronics Beta Tester

    You ask "is this mod legal?" Yes, you are allowed to modify the phone as you like.
  5. Cyberb0b

    Cyberb0b Well-Known Member

    I dont see why this is so spectacular. Its just remotedesktop, at the looks of it. Default installed on my pone is rdp from ms.. and i can controll all my software on all my pcs with it..
  6. JeroenVDV

    JeroenVDV Member

    Indeed, I don't understand why so much exposure is given to an existing technique that's not used for something spectaculair new. I even read about this in a magazine - including name of the company doing this. It's nothing new?!

    It would be news if the guys at Pangolin make a nativa iPhone app for setting up projection-zones through QM2000.NET (via wifi).
  7. jsk

    jsk Active Member

    a free version for this, which is working evry well 4 me : www.logmein.com