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Discussion in 'LivePRO' started by kamakajee, Jul 21, 2011.

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    I have been using QS for sometime & have just trying my hand on LivePro, I have noticed, the brightness of the laser reduces to a noticeable amount in LivePro when compared to QS.. is this normal, or is there some settings in LivePro by which I could increase the brightness.
    The Brightness fader does not make any difference either. Secondly, while lowering the brightness fader to zero; there is no effect on the laser, but in the laser preview window the laser is shown as dimmed or blackout ( as per the fader position)..any idea as to what I may be doing wrong

    Thanks in advance for your Help!
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    I'm not sure I can help, but can definitely concur re the brightness difference between Quickshow and Livepro. Even with the same cue, there appears to be a fairly significant difference between the two. This is on an FB3-SE.

    I am curious if anyone notices any difference in brightness between the two softwares on a QM2000 ? Is this a software or dac / firmware issue ?

    It's been significant enough that I've been using quickshow for the last 8 months or so despite owning livepro and missing a good many of it's features. I'd love to get this solved.

    Is it just a difference in modulation efficiency between the two softwares ? Any tweaks I can apply ? How about something like a dz colour correction board or similar, I'm not sure if they offer an option for gain, would this potentially help ?

    Appreaciate any suggestions, and happy to test and report back on any potential fixes.

    As for your brightness not changing, maybe double check analog modulation is set in projector settings, not TTL. Also, ensure the laser is capable of analog modulation, as not all are.

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    Hi folks,

    Good guesses but unfortunately wrong... Please look in the Projector Settings Dialog box, and also the Environment Settings dialog box. There you will find "Minimum number of points" settings. In LivePRO, by default this is set relatively high -- around 600. In QuickShow, this is set relatively lower -- around 200. If you lower your "Minimum number of points" then you will have a higher brightness because higher duty cycle is used by the scanners. BUT, the scanners must also work harder when this is set low. We'd recommend you keep it at 200 or so...

    Best regards,

    William Benner

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