List of Compatible Modems or Phones

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    There is basic info in the Q & A section about phones/modems to try with the demo, but this thread is for current users looking to upgrade.

    So, if you are currently having success with your phone/modem, could you please post the make/model. :)

    Also, please indicate the country it is working in.
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  2. Cyberb0b

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    GSM Modem for Wavecom Q2303A Module USB AT Commands
    GSM GPRS Modem Wavecom Q2403A Module USB AT Commands
    Multitech GPRS modem USB

    (check ebay, there are some good working cheep models)
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    Huawei E3231 with HiLink does NOT work with IMU

    I have just tried a Huawei E3231, which only came out in sept 2012 and it didnt work. Win 7 sees it as a NDIS device rather than having com ports. Apparently there is a way to switch modes, so you can then see two HUAWEI devices in the "other devices" indevice manager, but you would then need the drivers from Huawei who don't supply them. They also have not come back to me about my quries on the above. :confused:My advise for now would be not to use and Huawei modems with the HiLink Web UI.

    I sent my findings through to William.B, might be best if you update your FAQ about compatiblity of the newer HiLink based modems from Huawei.

    I have swaped for an older OPTION Icon 225 which seems to work fine!:)
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    I'm currently using a Samsung Model SGH-A927 phone with AT&T service and it works great.
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    IMU is now offered in an entry-level that is completely free of charge. So therefore you can download it from, try it with your mobile device, and then go from there.

    If IMU does not work with your current mobile device, you can purchase a small modem on these days for somewhere in the $25 USD range...
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    Sure. Actually in the help file (accessible from the front page of IMU and the thing that says "Start Here") we discuss which modems work best and current recommendations. The "around $25 modem" mentioned is the E182E from Huawei. The great thing about it is that it works with all versions of Windows (we tested it on everything from Windows XP all the way to Windows 10). We have them in stock at Pangolin, but we charge more than $25 for them, to cover our administrative costs and such...

    And yes, Wavecom makes GREAT modems! Back when we started with SMS messaging in 2002, we used Wavecom exclusively.

    Best regards,

    William Benner
  9. Freppa

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    Confused ?

    This is fun.. :D

    I have Windows 7 *64 and I just have my E182 delivered, with no success to get sms to it.
    It´s been on internet that E182 doesnt work with W7*64 ?

    Perhaps my knowledge of settings is poor but I managed it to send sms but not recieving :confused::confused::confused:
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    Actually it does work, and we understand by private communication that you were able to get it to work after all.

    The "secret" is covered in the help file -- bolded text that is very important:

    Note that this companion program MUST BE STARTED BEFORE YOU START IMU, because if this program is not started first, the modem will not become turned on (light on the modem will be off or red). Once the companion program is started, and the modem becomes turned on, the light on the modem should turn green or start flashing green, indicating that the modem is working and that the signal level is good.

    Starting IMU automatically terminates the companion modem software

    Once the modem is operational and the modem light indicates good signal level you can start the IMU program. Note that starting IMU should automatically terminate the companion program.
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    T-Mobile ZTE MF691 WebConnect Rocket 2.0 WORKING!

    T-Mobile ZTE MF691 WebConnect Rocket 2.0 is added to the list of working USB modems!
    Thank you William and Aaron for the quick license change. :)
    Note: Using this in USA.
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    Always happy to help, and thank you for letting us know that this one will work too!.
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    Does essential visuals only work with a mobile phone or usb modem? I've hooked up the laptop via ethernet cable and IMU can't seem to find it when I hit connect
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    Linksys WRT54G2 is very compatible with phones. I am using it for very long.