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Discussion in 'LivePRO' started by deefje, Aug 17, 2006.

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    I'm new to using LIVE Pro, I currently do some jobs for laserimage Belgium. I'm using the software in a club/event environment and got a couple of questions about the midi/track/command features.

    1) I use midi notes to execute live pro command cues, a very annoying thing is, when pressing the midi button assigned to the cue, LIVE Pro will change pages to the page where the cue is stored. Is it possible to only excute this cue without changing pages? (I disable/clear etc .. track items like image/effect and want to be able to continue on the page where I was, as for now LIVE Pro switches to the page of the command cue and I have to go back looking the page where I was)

    2) I'm using the tracks alot, I was wondering if it would be possible to add a feature (to the midi to slider tab in the midi settings) that will allow 4 virtual "intensity" faders, one for each layer. As for now the brightness controls the whole intensity. When having a virtual brightness / track I can easy prepare a "state" on each track and output them seperatly without have to play with the enable/disbale image property of a track, wich only let me cut and not fade tracks.

    3) Command cues.

    Is it possible to add some commands that have influence on the CUE redirecting to Track?

    command1: redirect all cues to track 1.
    command2: redirect all cues to track 2.
    command3: redirect all cues to track 3.
    command4: redirect all cues to track 4.
    command5: follow cue redirection (the track properties set in the cue).

    This way I don't have to program CUE several times for each track, and I don't have to create enable/disbale track commands. I usually redirect some tracks to specific scanners and the other I use for general "pictures" / manipulation of cues.

    4) This is rather a "lightjockey" question. It would be nice if you guys support Artnet for controlling LIVEPro parameters, this way we can control LIVEPro true a lightdesk instead of a midi controller wich mostly offers less functionality. Not all lightdesks support midi, and playing with dmx to midi convertors only makes the whole proces complex.

    Many thanks!
    light/laser jockey
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    1) Use midi notes global that way it will work on all pages.

    Well this will probably answer all off you questions: we are about to release a dedicated livepro controller that has 4 intensity sliders for each track and one for all, also you can first activate a track and then select any cue you want and it will then only go to the tracks you want. that way you don`t have to pre program all your cues and you will save so much space on you workspace pages.
    Send me a email and I will mail you a layout of how it is looking.

    BTW there will be an in depth livepro workshop during the pug meeting in Amsterdam on the 11 and 12 th October. I send Fran already a mail about it.

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