LivePRO and DMX hazer control

Discussion in 'LivePRO' started by Abondi, May 16, 2007.

  1. Abondi

    Abondi New Member

    I just got a new hazer (look unique2), this hazer needs two
    DMX channels for pump and fan control.
    Is there a way to control this hazer via LivePRO?
  2. Pangolin

    Pangolin Staff Member

    Hi Abondi,

    LivePRO supports what Lasershow Designer calls "Virtual TTL". In LD or Showtime, you go to the Settings menu, and then go to DMX Settings. Configure DMX for Output, then set the number of channels you will be driving. After that, you can go to the far-right tab and tell the LD2000 series software that you would like to redirct TTL lines to particular DMX channels. After that, these TTL lines will be directed to DMX channels, regardless of what program you use (including LivePRO).

    Best regards,

    William Benner

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