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Discussion in 'LivePRO' started by krystek, Apr 12, 2007.

  1. krystek

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    LivePRO does not run properly at dual core processors. Tested on Intel core2duo, athlon x2. If I disable one core, LivePRO works fine, but if two core are enabled, frames are skipping and fps=1.

    LivePRO version 3.50(demo or not, no matter) with latest 4.10a update. If needed, I can record livepro and export movie in .swf (flash).

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  2. GlennT

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    Thanks for the info, this is very interesting, Ill be keen to see what Bill has to say.

  3. Mike

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    I can back this up as when I setup LivePro to only use one of the cores it runs fine.
  4. GlennT

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    I just checked our laptops and computers, ALL of our LivePRO controller PCs are dual core! and all of our laptops we use for shows also are dual core, so no problems here!

    I monitor the both processors while Livepro is running and both are being used.

  5. krystek

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    Here comes the solution for everybody who have the same problem with LivePRO and dual core processors:
    make sure you have installed Microsoft Update KB896256 (or just be up to date with Microsoft Updates :D )
    That patch solved my problem. :N

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  6. Pangolin

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    Thanks for the post Krystek!!

    WOW, Microsoft strikes again... Man, I really can't believe how much they have been screwing up lately. When Bill Gates was at the helm, this kind of thing just didn't happen. Now, it seems that quality of Microsoft operating systems (and especially development tools) has been going down...

    I have to say, I am glad we made the decision to go away from Microsoft development tools in 2003...

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    William Benner