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Discussion in 'LivePRO' started by luminavp, Jan 4, 2005.

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    I've noticed that using some of the realtime features of livepro - such as realtime rotation - that it is possible for the output to shrink to a size that is unsafe... also when mixing and matching key effects with different frames etc, the random nature of it all means you can never be 100% sure the output will always be what you've intended it to be when designing the workspace.

    Having said this - would it be possible to somehow include some safety features into LivePRO or even LD2000 - an idea i had was something along the lines of:

    - in the projector setup screen in LD2000, you also input laser power, beam diameter at crowd, divergence, etc...
    - you can also setup an audience zone map, similar to the 'BAMS' screen but this tells the safety part of the software what areas it has to monitor - similar to standard safety boards but much more flexible

    any thoughts?
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    Hi Luminavp,

    Within both Live! and LivePRO, we do limit certain DIRECT functions in an attempt to keep users from creating an unsafe situation for themselves. For example, by default, the master size can not be reduced below 10% (this can be changed in the Environment Settings). Nevertheless, there are indirect methods of decreasing the size below 10% or otherwise, outputting a "dot", which, under some circumstances, would not be safe.

    At this point, I should refer you to our license agreement which says, in short, that it is you, the user, who is responsible for implementing beam stops, scan-fail detection mechanisms and the like to ensure safety. Laserists should be aware that there are many circumstances, far beyond software misuse (for example, someone tripping over the cable going from the computer to the projector) which may increase the likelihood of an unsafe exposure, so that is why laserists must be aware of the potential hazards and implement control measures to ensure safety.

    Nevertheless, in the upcoming version of LivePRO and LD2000, there will be a few new features which will help to decrease the possibility of people misusing the software in such a way as to create an unsafe event. However, I must stress that software can only go so far to help in this regard. There is no substitute for good projection equipment and good practices in the field!!

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    Hi Bill,

    You would have no doubt heard of Laser Visuals Scanguard software by now. The standard software checks ilda files for problem areas ie hotspots etc.. but hte pro version does live monitoring of laser show output via a usb box.

    What would be really cool is if ld/livepro was able to hook into scanguard pro (or vice versa) to elimnate the need for another computer...

    I guess what i was talking about in my original post was something along the lines of this.... or even integrating something like scanguard into the actual qm2000 board ....
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    Hi LuminAVP,

    Yes, we are aware of what Laser Visuals is working on, and we are in constant contact with each other. But what you, and the vast majority of the rest of the world does not know is what WE are working on :cool:

    We have been working on laser-safety-related projects for many years, and we consider ourselves a leader in this field. The fact that I personally have written five safety-related articles in The Laserist magazine, and the fact that our web site contains some very valuable, and freely accessible, laser safety information, including information about airspace safety issues, should give you some indication of our comitment to the safety concerns of laserists.

    We currently have a system being reviewed by the CDRH and we don't want to release it before they put their stamp of approval on it. Even though the rest of the world could possibly benefit from our system in the mean time, we are just most insterested in releasing a product that has been reviewed by, and approved by the most stringent laser safety enforcement body in the world.

    Also note that there are ways in which our system may be used along with that of Laser Visuals, and we are constantly exploring this topic.

    I don't want to say much more right now, but lets just say that we have a plan, and that plan is in motion. We will keep you all posted as to the progress.