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Discussion in 'LivePRO' started by rslx, Sep 16, 2013.

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    Just got LivePRO a few days ago, watched the tutorials, but am encountering a few problems.

    1. If I open an empty show, right click a cue, and try to place a shape there (a line, or a circle), the only folders I can pick from are "new effect" or "new color effect" - it won't actually let me place a basic shape there in which to edit. Ideas?

    2. Now, the newest problem I encountered, sometimes LivePRO opens, and when it does, will not send any cues to an FB3 for output. The FB3's LED turns red, they blink, no output from my projectors (I have gone into 'monitor' and setup tracks to zones).

    I can only make the outputs show a test pattern grid or square, but no cues will actually output.

    3. When LivePRO does NOT want to open, it sends me to a "Your FB3's have the wrong firmware, we'll update it" - the LED's go white, and it only detects 1 of the three FB3's that I have. It says it's updating (the two window dialog process bars show for about 8 seconds) then it says "update failed" and my only option available is to click on 'exit' and try again.

    So, I currently have software which isn't working - any ideas? I'll probably shoot a call to Pangolin today or tomorrow as I bought the software to have better control over zones. Should have waited for Beyond :/
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    Please call us or contact us directly trough our contact forum,

    Then we can help you further.