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Discussion in 'LivePRO' started by Neil426, Sep 12, 2009.

  1. Neil426

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    Hiya folks.

    Great to be part of this forum community!

    Can you please tell me how Pangolin LivePRO connects to the computer and to the laser?

    Many thanks,

    Neil M..........
  2. Neil426

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    Any correspondence please?

    Neil M.....
  3. Stuka

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    LivePro is a software package that requires either a Pangolin QM2000 or FB3 controller (there are versions of LivePro for each). It is not a stand-alone projector controller.

    Livepro runs on the Windows computer; computer connects to the controller via the internally installed controller card (QM2000), ethernet (, or USB (FB3).

    Controller card connects to the projector through a standardized ILDA DB-25 cable connection.

    LivePro can be controlled from the computer's keyboard, mouse, or through a variety of portable MIDI controllers that are connected to the computer. Many users are adding touch-screen monitors to their computers just because of the added flexibility when using LivePro! :)
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  4. Neil426

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    Hey Stuka!

    Thanks for a good read.

    Now because we have SD card laser projectors okay, I was planning on designing my laser show on the computer with LivePRO and then upon completion, export the laser show out directly to my SD card. The SD card then connects directly into my laser projector. I've also been advised that you can buy a cheap USB to SD card adapter that connects directly onto my computer and this will enable me to export a laser show out of the computer straight onto the SD card. I just want to devise an idea whereby you don't need to lug computers around with you and keep the costs down as much as possible.

    Neil M.........
  5. Stuka

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    Although you can record and export cues from LivePro, it's really designed as a live performance package, and you'll probably get the most out of the software by using it live.

    What controller are you using? I'm not personally familiar with anything that loads actual complete shows directly from an SD card & doesn't require a computer interface. The FB3 can autoplay individual cues from it's memory card, but there is no sync with an external video or sound source - the cues just play until the end of their frame set, then start playing the next cue in the link list until it reaches the end of the linked cues.

    If you have a QM2000, you already have some of the best show design software around with the LD2000 Showtime package. If you have the FB3, there's the free LA Studio suite, and in the very near future you'll have access to QuickShow, which is coming out first for the FB3, and later down the road for the QM2000. All of these have features for syncing with audio and recording & playing back one or multiple shows.

    You can't get much more portable than the FB3, and if you have a QM2000, the adds a LOT of versatility and portability. Both work equally well with laptops or desktops, and since the Pangolin license is tied to specific controller hardware, you could install the software on multiple computers, and use the hardware wherever needed...:)
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