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Discussion in 'LivePRO' started by Damo, Aug 4, 2006.

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    I'm researching laser show design and performance with the objective of maybe making this a profession. I realise there is so much to learn from crowd safety to good laser show design but I have to start somewhere, and at the moment I'm looking at the tools of the trade.

    From the download pages on the Pangolin main website the Livepro update refers to been able to use Livepro in demo mode, and I was hoping I could download this from somewhere to evaluate. If I'm mistaken is there a demo version with output capabilities disabled?

    Many Thanks
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    I think that the demo that is mentioned is in regards to a demonstration of the capabilities of the software, not a demonstration version of the software.

    It is my understanding that all of the Pangolin Software needs to see the QM2000 board to operate, as the board does almost all of the work. I do not think that there is a demonstration version, and even if there was, you would need to have a QM 2000 board to run it.

    I am sorry that this is not the answer that you were hoping for.

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    Hi Damo,

    John is pretty much correct, but let me add some more details.

    LivePRO is free with our top-level LD2000 PRO package, but is available at an additional cost if people have our lower level LD2000 BASIC or LD2000 INTRO software. However, those people with BASIC and INTRO may operate LivePRO in a demo mode, and see how it works before deciding to buy. As John indicated, this does not mean that it is generic demo software which will work on any PC without laser hardware.

    During Pangolin's 20-year history, we have almost never offered demo versions of our software. We are philisophically against it. Admitedly, this is an old-fashioned stance, but we also observe that you won't find demo versions of Microsoft products, or demo versions of professional Computer Aided Engineering tools, so it seems that other companies also share this philosophy.

    It is possible that one day we will change this belief. In the mean time, we hope that the information on our web site, and the fact that around 85% of all laserists use Pangolin software will help to give some indication of the performance of the software as well as our customer service.

    If you have any specific questions that you would like to ask, feel free to contact us using our Contact form, at:

    Best regards,

    William Benner