LivePro has been released as part of LD2000 version 3.10

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    Hi all,

    For those of you who were not able to attend the ILDA or Pangolin meeting last November in Orlando, we have come out with a new Live controller called LivePro. This new Live software picks up where our existing Live! software leaves off.

    As I am writing this message, it is hard for me to know where to begin describing the features of LivePro. Here are a few highlights:

    * Large Workspace (12 columns by 8 rows by 9 pages by 2 "sets") for over 1700 cues!! Each cue can contain an image or animation, two separate effects, a color sequence, beam sequence, or any combination of the above. The workspace also contains controls to override size, scan rate, position, rotation, etc.

    * Four-track output system which allows you to have 4 cues running simultaneously and asynchronously. This overcomes the "one cue at a time" format, allowing multiple layering of beam effects, mirror chases and scrim animations.

    * Cue-to-cue transitions -- includes things like morph, cross cut, fade, zoom, etc. You can even program your own transitions!!

    * Beam and TTL chasers -- can be programmed to output any sequence of beam and/or TTL chases. The beam chaser is designed for mirror bounce chases and can output up to 64 mirrors at any one time. The TTL chaser is designed for beam table systems that utilize diffraction gratings, color flags, lumia wheels, etc. or can be used to control outboard effects such as rotating mirrors, foggers, pin spots, etc.

    * Audio effects -- using its own Winamp plugin, audio can be used to control the size, position and brightness of an image.

    * Plus a whole lot more...

    LivePro is available for free to LD2000 Pro users, but there is an additional charge of $695 for Basic and Intro users. Please contact Pangolin or your dealer for more information.

    Best regards,

    William Benner

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