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Discussion in 'LivePRO' started by Chris Priest, Jun 16, 2004.

  1. Chris Priest

    Chris Priest Active Member

    Hi All,

    Have a question about linking two LivePRO installs.

    I have sucessfully used the LD2000_Network app to use live pro from a remote pc, but it's too jerky (even on a 100mb network connection)

    So I thought I would try the IPX/SPX network link.

    Problem is, I can't make it work, I load up LivePRO on the remote machine with the LD2000 board in, that starts up OK and I enable the Network Link, setting it to Input.

    I then try and start LivePRO on the control PC, but that won't start as it says it can't communicate with the LD2000, bearing in mind that both PC's have the Network version of LD2000.dll installed.

    Can Glenn or Bill or anyone! :) explain how I use the IPX/SPX network link? I'm sure I'm just missing something somewhere.

    Best Regards
  2. Peter

    Peter Member

    An obvious point to check would be that you have the IPX protocol installed on both machines, this is done at Windows level. Without that you will never be able to connect.

    One point and this is from a networking perspective. IPX / SPX compared to TCP/IP is a very chatty protocol, as a general rule TCP/IP is much more efficient, and therefore a lot quicker. If you are having problems with TCP / IP I doubt very much that using IPX will help!

    I have not run LivePro over a network before, but I have run standard live, and it works great on 100mbs. I would expect LivePro to do the same, as if it did not perform properly on 100mb, then I don't think the guys would have bothered integrating network support, as it is unreasonable to expect people to run shows on gigabyte switched networks!

    I would check to see if there are any other processes on the machines using bandwidth or processor cycles.

    Hope this helps,

  3. Chris Priest

    Chris Priest Active Member

    Hi Peter,

    Thanks for your reply.

    Yes, I have IPX installed on both PC's, LD and Showtime run great over the 100mb link, but as LivePro does most of it's work directly, transmission of the frames and such over the network to the remote laser PC can be somewhat jerky.

    I understand from the LivePRO docs, that all LivePRO does is duplicate key presses to the remote LivePRO thats running, so traffic wise it shouldn't be too bad.

    I'm wondering if I have to restore the non network LD2000.DLL file in order to use the IPX functionality of LivePRO, because as it stands, you have to stop the LD2000_Network.exe app on the remote machine and start LivePRO as the two won't co-exist and then the machine I want to run LivePRO from says it can't find the LD2000 card, obviously not as I have just stopped the Network application :)

    It's all rather strange.... ;)

    Best Regards
  4. GlennT

    GlennT Well-Known Member

    Hi Peter,

    ok, I see what you are doing wrong.

    Firstly let me say that there is a difference between Live! and LivePRO running over a network. Live and Showtime/Designer are hardware specific programs, they rely on the processing on the Pangolin card itself, LivePRO on the other hand is software specific, it relies on the processing power of the PC, therefore in conjunction with Windows it requires much more processing power of your PC. This means that when Showtime for example communicates iover a network it sends little data to the remote PC as the majority of the processing is done on the QM itself, Livepro however sends much more data over the network, example, Showtime stores frames on the QM, therefore basically Showtime sends over the network a message, "play frame 10" whereas Livepro sends the actual frame 10 data over the network to the QM to be instantly played.

    Now, using LivePROs network link. You state that you have a slave PC with a QM, then you have a local PC in which your trying to run Lvepro also. Keep in mind that for Livepro to work it MUST have a QM accesssible locally or on the network, if its local, you should have no startup problems, if its over the network it will only startup if the QM on the network is not in use by another source. If you have Livepro running on the slave PC, that Livepro is accessing that QM therefore forget about ever allowing the local PC to access that card. I think this is where your stuck. The only down fall of using LivePRO in this configuration is, you need a QM also installed on your local PC, even though you are not using its output, it will allow 2 completely seperate instances of Livepro to run, then the network link between them will allow key presses to work.

    Let me know how you go.

  5. Chris Priest

    Chris Priest Active Member

    Hi Glenn,

    Thanks for your reply.

    That would explain why it didn't work :)

    I only have one QM card in the remote PC, therefore the IPX networking solution will not work for me.

    To use the dual monitor config which I was hoping to do, means that I will either have to put up with the jerkyness of the projected image or go for a very long DB25 cable.

    Many thanks for your reply.

    Best Regards
  6. Laser Envy

    Laser Envy Member

    what about just running Live! pro in the slave PC and using Windows XPs remote desktop connection via a gigabit ethernet link? what OS do you use?