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Discussion in 'LivePRO' started by Lorenzo, Mar 7, 2006.

  1. Lorenzo

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    Hallo, I will receive shortly the LD2000 with LivePro so I am wondering which is the best way to controll the Live Pro through a midi controller? I've seen that there are keyboard with integrated usb/midi converter... does this direct connection work? and does this work even through a network remote notebook?
    Is recomendet buying a keyboard with only key... or even with knobs... joysticks... shuttles etc?
    It would be interesting for me a system like the one used by Peter Heyt in the promo video for LivePRO.
    Thank you very very much for any suggestions and help!!
    Lorenzo D.
  2. GlennT

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    Hi Lorenzo,

    There are a few controllers you can use, it all depens on your budget.

    If you have a low budget, the Peavey 1600 will suit you, I think this is around $500US or so. It mostly has sliders, but this is a great thing for livepro, more sliders is better, but thats not to say no buttons, you have to have buttons.

    if you have a higher budget, then the MCS3800 MIDI controller is better. I think this goes for $2500US or so?

    Though with any MIDI controller, you still need a cue control system, such as the Performer Console or touch screen monitor and just your mouse as a minimum.

    see the posts here on these systems

    Both these systems can be used on a remote Pangolin laptop arrangement or with a local QM.

    Glenn T
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    Thank you for your help!!

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