LivePro together with VST2002?

Discussion in 'LivePRO' started by imported_John, Jan 21, 2004.

  1. imported_John

    imported_John Member

    Hi there,

    I got to to a special kind of laserjob. I have to combine some (very simple) traced video captures from a CCD camera using VST2002 and show some animated frames at the same time.
    I know, that it is possible to use VST
  2. GlennT

    GlennT Well-Known Member

    Hi John,

    Sounds like a cool show. We also have a performance show where we video live performers at the start, then towards the end of the show we play it back in Livepro along with other animations and beam effects together using Livepros tracks. There is only 1 minute between the VST video capture and Livepro play back. I capture it using VST then save it, open Livepro then load them into the specific cues which we trigger from MIDI.

    I see that your application is slightly different, you want to capture video through VST at the same time that you want to play other animations with Livepro.

    The problem here is what program is accessing the QM. Only one program at any one time can access the QM card. Therefore, you can not run livepro at the same time as Showtime or live or even VST. They are all stand alone. Therefore you could not run VST at the same time as you run Livepro.


    I beleive it "may" be posible to run VST capture ported through one of livepros tracks. This is a question for Bill Benner. But I can assure you, if it is posible you will need a very fast PC to cope with the large processing power both VST and Livepro require.

    Lets see what Bill has to say.

    Failing that, the only solution is dual PCs, one for Livepro or showtime/live and the other for VST. Each has their own QM and each runs their own scan head. This will require you to split the laser into 2 heads, or add an additional laser.


  3. Pangolin

    Pangolin Staff Member

    Hi John,

    We are looking into the possibility of some sort of direct VST2002 to LivePRO implementation. One difficulty is that VST2002 really takes a whole lot of CPU power, as does LivePRO, since both of these products rely on the PC for all computations.

    Let me see what we can put together as a sort of test, and then we will send it to you and you can play with it...


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