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    I noticed last night before a show that apparnetly shows created in LivePRO USB are not compatible with LivePRO QM. I used the latest version of LivePRO USB, and am 99% sure the LivePRO QM was also current.

    I got an error about incorrect "signatures" when i try to open the livepro show file.... is this normal ?
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    HI AJ,

    The problem is -- we are shooting at a moving target...

    LivePRO is always being improved. One of the very latest changes is the file format. It is likely that your LivePRO USB is "newer" than the LivePRO for the QM2000 and thus, the LivePRO for the QM does not understand the file format of the newer version.

    What you need is a set of LivePRO that is all the same version, for both QM and FB. As always, we ask people to contact us directly to obtain these things.

    Best regards,

    William Benner