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    Dear laserists,
    I want to perform a piano-to-laser show and contol many BEAMS (minimum 42 external mirrors; ideal would be all 88 keyboard keys but 64 is the limit, right?) live with a MIDI piano and LivePRO!
    (As the beam editor is GREAT for adjusting!)

    For example: When the first key (very left key) is played on the MIDI keyboard, the first external mirror gets hit by a laser beam, 2nd key beams at the second mirror and so on...

    Can I do this with BEAM-EFFECTS IN CUES and "MIDI Note assignment"?
    How can I do that best/easiest within LivePRO?

    Thanks :N
  2. GlennT

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    Hi Tom,

    sounds like a great way to use livepro.

    There are a few things to look at when doing this, fisrtly, heres how to assign the notes to cues.

    Do you want single beams or chases of beams on each note? You mention single beams but just so you know you can also make chases.

    start with blank cues on page 1, click on the first cue, goto cue tab and scroll down to "beam TTL chasers" then click on the tab "beam state". Now you need to select how you want the static beam to operate, do you want it to run for a specific duration? or until the next cue etc. this depends on how your show runs and you can make that decision. Now click on the first beam in the list.

    Now goto the next cue in the row and do the same but select beam 2, and so on. When you finish you should have a page of individual cues that run individual static beams.

    now assigning the MIDI notes:
    There are two options, either assign a note to each cue or make one global setting so that the lowest note is cue 1 and the highest note is the last cue on the page.

    MIDI note to each cue.
    Goto the first cue, goto cue tab and scroll down to "others" then select the MIDI NOTE tab, click on "learn" then press the first keyboard key. Do this for each cue one by one row by row consecutively.

    global note to cue assignment.
    Alternatively to the previous MIDI note assignment, Goto environment, MIDI settings then goto "input options", now click on "learn" in the "first key" list and press the lowest note on the keyboard. Now each cue will be assigned a note in counting order from cue 1 to the last cue on the page.

    Now, you can also have the ability to control these cues without having to be on that page, if you want to do this, you can check the "do not change current page" in the cue tab / others / midi note tab, or for global settings in environment, MIDI settings then goto "input options".

    Let me know how you go, I can provide more information on this subject such as applying effects to beams, or assign midi notes to coloring of the beams etc.

    Good luck

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    Hi Glenn,

    thank you for your answer. Unfortunately it
  4. Pangolin

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    Keep in mind that in LivePRO, Beams and Tracks are two separate things.

    I can see a way of doing 10 beams or more at once, from a single MIDI key, and that would be to assign a "beam sequence" to a MIDI key, and this beam sequence would include only one step, that step having any number of active beams you want. However, I believe this would result in a "monophonic" approach -- i.e., you would only be able to trigger beams from one key at a time using this approach.

    Another approach is along the lines of what Hugo said -- using tracks. You can create a "beam frame" perhaps using LD2000 drawing program, and then load these "beam frames" into cues and trigger them that way with a MIDI keyboard. In this case you are using "tracks as beams". But since LivePRO offers only four tracks, you could essentially have only "four note polyphony". Note that the total number of beams may be more than four, if each one of these beam frames has more than two beams present, etc.

    Hope this helps...

  5. GlennT

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    There is a solution.

    I have made a page for you to do exactly what you need. goto www.lasercorp.com.au/livepro/beams.lpp.

    You may not also have the latest version of Livepro that has the ability to load pages, so get that here www.lasercorp.com.au/livepro/livepro.zip

    NOTE: this file location is TEMPORARY. The latest livePRO.exe will be available from Pangolin very soon.

    So, once you load the page you will see 64 cues with individual beams assigned to each. The ONLY way to output 64 beams from 64 seperate cues is to run static beams as "run for duration". The only issue here is currently LivePRO only allows you to run the beam for 100seconds. So if you need a beam to run for longer than this then this may need to be extended. The other thing is to stop the beam you must stop all beams.

    So if I were you, Id set a specific duration for all beams to last, say 8 beats or 16 beats, work this out in seconds depending on your BPM. Then each beam will execute itself without the need for you to do this.

    With the page I have made, you need to assign the MIDI notes to the cues. Then goto beam settings in environment and set each beam.

    Let me know how you go.

  6. imported_Hugo

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    I want to have scanner beams (not TTL beams) and
    MANY BEAMS (up to about 10 beams) at the same time!
    Since LP has 4 tracks you can do a maximum of 4 different cue`s at a time.At the moment I do not see a solution of doing more the 4 different beam
    patterns at once.This maximum of four tracks was more then enough for normal live shows.
  7. imported_Hugo

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    I thought that the request was up to 10 note`s/cues at once,like you some times do on a piano and that each cue in his case holds only one beam(technically you can do more then one with LP)??
  8. GlennT

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    Hi Tom,

    Im glad you have what you need. i kinew it would be better just to make it for you, this would allow you to learn quicker.

    Yes, ok, so run until cue release suits your show, great.

    Im interested to know, how did you change every cue to "run until cue release"? individually or all at once? you may not know how to change many cues settings at the same time in one go. All you do is hold down "shift" then click on all the cues you want to change together, you will see them light up redish, then ANYTHING you change in the cue tab will globally be set to all. To unselect the cues goto "edit"/"unselect all". easy.

  9. lasershows.at

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    I will try the workspace asap. Thank you, that is great help!

    Hugo got the task and the problem right:
    A midi piano is played on the usual way by a musician and each piano key should activate one single scanner beam to about 64 (maximum, right?) external mirrors!

    Problem 1: 88 piano keys - 64 scanner beams
    Solution1: OK, just use 64 active keys!

    Problem 2: sometime more than 4 keys will be played at the same time !
    Solution 2: WORK IN PROGRESS... ;-)

    It would be great to solve this as the setup/adjustment of scanner beams in LivePRO is just GREAT (as well as many other features)

  10. lasershows.at

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    Hi Glenn,

    I just had a quick look at your LivePROpage: Amazing!
    Question: I just changed it to "Run until cue release" and it seems PERFECT?
    I still have to try it with the midi piano but so far this seems to be it... :N

    Glenn: :welcome:

    Thank you
  11. imported_Hugo

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    Hi tom heres a solution that will work for now:
    split up your midi signal then setup two computers with livepro asign 44 keys to computer 1 and asign the other 44 keys to computer2.this mway you wil have 88 beams and up to 8 different beams at the same time.The only thing that may occur is that you have to press more then 4 keys that a assigned to computer1 or 2 so a complex assign pattern may be needed so that to piece you will play avoids this situation.Then you can route either to two scanheads or combine the two signals to one head.
  12. lasershows.at

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    Hi Glenn,
    it all works well with the midi piano.

    Hugo, thanks for your solution, too.
    For my task Glenns LivePROpage file works perfectly fine - I have tried to hold as many piano keys down as I can reach and all according beams were there!!!! :cool:

    I will keep you informed about my L A S E R - P I A N O project.

    Happy Easter

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