Modem Overloaded?? Should I have used multiple modems??

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    Hello All
    A couple of days ago in Dallas I attempted to do live
    Audience voting. We had approximately 1,600 participants.
    For testing all was well however when we did it for
    Real and 1600 people started to respond the modem repeatedly disconnected
    As if it were TOTALY overwhelmed. What I don't know is if Att dropped me due to excessive traffic or if the modem freaked out.

    The system was also programmed with various responses as well so the system was also trying to respond at the same time.

    Should I gave used multiple modems?
    Should I have purchased a short code from someone and made sure they understood that a 1000 + texts were going to be sent in rapid succession??
    Any and all comments on how I can use this for large audience response would be appreciated... Unfortunately my client is upset which is something I need to prevent in the future...
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    I had the same problem. That was years ago when everything was much slower.
    I think that it is a problem with the provider, I think it is the excessive traffic.
    People with phones from one company could not send masseges.
    a different one from which I had my sim from.
    So I think that your second guess is the answer.

    I can not recomend you about any company becouse I in Israel, but it wasn't the system or the modem that i got from Pangolin.
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    We'd need to know about the modem you were using, and whether or not you used a Y-cable if it is a USB modem.

    You see, USB-powered modems use power mostly when they are SENDING messages, but could also use some power when they are receiving. If you were in a location where the cell reception was not particularly good, then the modem must send with higher power to reach the tower, and this requires more power from the PC.

    If you did not use the Y-cable for USB-powered modems, then it is indeed possible for the USB port on the PC to not be able to keep up with power demand. The Y-cable can help this, or alternatively using an external USB powered hub can help.

    As we discuss on the PangolinSMS web site, a modem can only receive a maximum of around 30 messages per minute, and can only send a maximum of around 15 or 20. So certainly if 1000 people sent a message all at the same time, the modem would only be able to absorb such messages at a rate of 30 per minute.

    If you also included a response message like "thank you for voting for candidate C", then this effectively halves the number of messages you could process per minute, because the modem must both send and receive messages.

    A short code is indeed very handy when doing events where there are surges in the flow of message traffic. A modem works well when traffic is manageable.

    Best regards,

    William Benner