Motorized MIDI-Controllers in Go !

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    Hi All,

    I recently went on a quest to find a nice midi-controller to operate the sliders in livePRO.
    I have tested several models like M-Audio, Behringer etc.

    ALL Motorized MIDI Controllers I tested worked partially.
    The main reason for these to use would be that no matter wheren you pull a slider, the midi controller would also show this in it's sliders ( which would be handy )

    BUT...these motorised sliders seem to introduce an interferance or additional signal that the MIDI control of LivePRO cannot work. This results in silders jumping up and down on your page, no feedback from livePRO to the sliders ( thus they will not be set according to what's on your screen ).

    In short...these controllers like nice, but do not work.

    Best solution I found thusfar is the Novation Zero SL . A small MIDI controller woth templates you can set yourself ( with some work ).

    Only drawback thusfar is that toggle-buttons in LivePRO do not respond to the NoteOn/Off signal they are supposed to react to. Perhaps this is a small bug in the MIDI implementation in LivePRO ?? < BILL ?? >

    Hope this helps you all and savaes you on the frustration and money spent on useless items.


    Peter Broerse
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    Here is a quick guide that I have put together for configuration of the Remote Zero for those that are interested:

    The controller has 40 templates pre configured and no space to save a new one that I can find, so I edited the first one 'V-Station 1'. You access the templates using the data select encoder (Bang in the middle at the bottom). Make sure the encoder is set to 'Template' (LED), to change the setting press the encoder down to scroll through each function. Once set to 'Template', rotating the encoder scrolls through the available templates.

    First you need to unlock the memory. You do this by pressing the 'Global' button in the row straight down the middle. The left screen displays the options and the right screen displays instructions. Press the 'Up Arrow' next to the left screen and you should see the option 'MemProt'. Set this to 'Off' by either Pressing the button below the text or turning the top encoder below the text. Once done, go back to 'Play' mode (Button above Global).

    Now start Live Pro, go to the 'Environment' menu and select 'Midi Settings', make sure your controller shows in the 'Midi Devices' tab, mine comes up as 'USB Audio Device' (I found installing the driver caused issues).

    Next go to the 'Midi to Sliders' tab in Live Pro. Highlight the control you want in the list and move the desired encoder/fader. If Pangolin doesn't pick the control up it means the control is sending the wrong type of midi signal. All you do then is hold the 'Edit' button in the middle row on the Remote Zero and move the selected control. First option on screen is 'Control', scroll the encoder below it until the control option reads 'CC' also make sure the CC number is different from any other control, otherwise you will control two options with one fader. Now Pangolin will have picked it up, also at this point you can change the way the Numbers show on the display as you move the fader, by editing the second column in the right screen. I selected 1-127 (default) for the things like scanrate, but for position/rotation etc I use -64/+63 so zero is then in the middle of the encoder/faders travel, you change this option using the encoder below it on the display (Encoder 2). You can then go along and select min/max value displayed etc, defaults should be ok though. Once the encoder is configured you can name it by pressing the 'Up Arrow' next to the left screen, use the controls under the menu items on screen to create your text. Creating names is pretty straightforward, but one tip which took me ages to work out is how to delete a mistake. You need to select the 'Punctu' option so it reads 'Numbers' then press the button a second time so it says 'Punctu' again, then it will have deleted the mistake.

    Then go to the 'Special Keys' tab in Live Pro, Transport controls, Blackout and toggle Lock X/Y state are all very handy. The buttons have to send Midi On Note messages which they don't by default, so hold down 'Edit' on the Remote Zero and press the required button, change the control option to 'Note'. Now the buttons will be picked up.You can also change button type from 'Button, Toggle' etc by pressing the 'Up Arrow' next to the left screen and changing the 'Button' option. I set my buttons as normal, this allows you to press once for ON and a second time for the OFF state.

    Then there are Midi commands, loads of great options here.

    Select a blank cue in Live pro and go to the cue editing tab, on right of screen next to Live Control. Go right to the bottom and expand the 'Commands' box. You can then select one or more options to assign to the cue. I would advise the Track Toggle Active state for each track as one set of controls, this will allow you to change colour, position, rotation etc for one track without affecting the others, so you could have for example a big green wave hovering above the crowd with a bunch of red beams scanning around and panning up and down. Once you have chosen your commands select 'Midi Note' from the 'Others' box below, choose 'Global Note Assignment' and click learn. The 'Do not change current page' checkbox allows you to activate the cue from any page without leaving your current page, well handy, I assigned the velocity pads to my favourite cues and then can stab them in from anywhere, these pads need to be set to send DrumNote messages. You can also use commands on existing cues so they work with that cue only.

    Selecting pages works with the 'Data Select' encoder by default, one click changes one page and once you reach page 9 it automatically switches to set two, so ideal. The encoder needs to be in 'Program' mode for this to work.

    Finally you need to save the thing. You do this by pressing the 'Write' button in the center row, set up the template name in the left screen and press 'Write' again. You now have a live controller.

    Hope that is of use to you guys.