Multi MIDI controllers in LivePro

Discussion in 'LivePRO' started by Laseronics, Mar 13, 2012.

  1. Laseronics

    Laseronics Beta Tester

    Anyone familiar with multi MIDI controllers in LivePro? I an in need a little support... Anyone available?
  2. Andy@Funktioncreep

    Andy@Funktioncreep New Member

    Not too sure about how LivePro MIDI maps, but I've successfully used multi MIDI controllers in QuickShow using 3rd partry MIDI clients. I'd recommend taking a look at something like Bome's MIDI Translator - I use it to build up custom MIDI maps for controllers such as the APC40, and for mapping keystrokes & mouse events to MIDI.

    There are others available such as MIDIOX, and they will take care of MIDI Merging outside LivePro, then present a virtual MIDIpipe that controls it.


  3. Lasersource

    Lasersource Well-Known Member


    We use MIDI in Livepro, it is very easy.
    what do you want to know??
  4. Pockels

    Pockels Member

    Hi mate,

    I understand Livepro doesn't provide midi feedback. How did you overcome this?

    Best regards

  5. kamakajee

    kamakajee Active Member

    Tried my best connecting APC 40 along with Boem midi translator.. but no use.. what are the parameters to be set in Boem midi & LivePro?
  6. kaicbrito

    kaicbrito New Member

    Mapping the QuickShow the Akai APC40 ? Can you help me?
  7. kamakajee

    kamakajee Active Member

    Hi..Does Live Pro req. a 3rd party software for connecting APC40? or is it just plug & play.. how do get APC40 going with LivePro.. much appreciate the help. Thx

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