Multiple MIDI controllers and Live Pro

Discussion in 'LivePRO' started by TANK, Jun 11, 2008.

  1. TANK

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    Hi there,

    Is it possible to use 2 or more midicontrollers with USB interface with Live Pro?
    I'm using a Behringer BCF 2000 for controlling Live Pro but want to expand it with a BCR 2000 because of new functions and features of the latest versions (and now i ran out of midi keys :mad:)


  2. JeroenVDV

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    Hi Mickael,

    It's possible by using the free MIDI-OX software to merge midi-data from different controllers to one port of the (also free) MIDIYOKE virtual midi-port. Then you can select that virtual midi-port as input for LivePro.


  3. TANK

    TANK New Member

    Hey Jeroen,

    Thank you for your help!

    Het is toch ongelofelijk dat jij mij nu de gouwe tip geeft ;)
    Ik zal die link eens even checken.
    Alles goes verder met laseren?

    Groeten, Mickael (Vibez Productions en DLD)
  4. JeroenVDV

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    Just a quick note:

    Using the Behringer BCR-2000 in combination with the BCF-2000 doesn't require special merging-software or changes to LivePro. Just follow the manual of the BCF/BCR-2000, it describes how to combine those 2 controllers:

    BCF-2000: USB-Mode U-4
    BCR-2000: Stand-alone mode S-3

    BCF-2000 MIDI IN > BCR-2000 MIDI OUT B
    BCF-2000 MIDI OUT A > BCR-2000 MIDI IN
    BCF-2000 USB > PC

    The data of both B-controls is mixed and is sent to the host-computer via USB.

    Ha Mickael,

    Tja, je komt m'kaar elke keer weer tegen, als je in dezelfde werkgebieden zit :)
  5. dpssl

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    Can you say me wich driver Version you are using. I`ve got big problems to use the BCF2000 in Livepro :(

    Sometimes it runs, but sometimes not. I use the latest Version of LiveproUSB and the newest driver for my BCF2000, but Livepro want find the signal.. i don`t know how :(

    btw. do your motorfaders work on pangolin livepro?