multiple projectors on an intro card

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    sorry for my bad english - i'll try my best to explain ;-)

    I have 4 projectors on one pangolin intro card. In the zone settings I can change the preview settings that fit to the first projector.
    Is there any way to dublicate the preview so I have 4 projectors displayed in the preview window? May be even with the correct X or Y inversion?

    Thank you for your help!

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    There is a way to do two projectors using the two check boxes in the preview-related setup, especially for beams. But there is no way to create four separate previews from a single zone. It is very typical for people to use a single QM2000 to drive two separate projectors, but it is not typical to use a single QM2000 to drive more than two projectors. Normally when more than two projectors are used, more QM2000 boards are also used.

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    William Benner
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    I once had 9 projectors on one intro card - pretty symtric but also pretty boring ;-)
    now I have 4 cards and max 2 projectors on one cards. Thank you for the quick help.
    I'm wondering why I never used the checkboxes ;-)
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