New Live Pro controller

Discussion in 'LivePRO' started by Laseronics, Oct 17, 2006.

  1. Laseronics

    Laseronics Beta Tester

    New Live Pro controller

    I just returned from the PUG meeting in Amsterdam. Still very excited and motivated to use Live Pro on all future live shows.

    Anyways, I wanted to comment on the Live Pro controller proposed by Glenn Turner and Hugo Bunk.

    Hugo, I am ready to place an order for one. (Let me know if you need advanced payment as well)

    Looking forward to learning the live controller and offering feedback.

  2. RacerX

    RacerX Member

    Is this available for sale yet? Cost? Delivery time?


  3. RacerX

    RacerX Member

    Sorry for bumping this back up.

    Any news on the new controller?


  4. Pangolin

    Pangolin Staff Member

    Yes it is definitely available. It is being sold directly by Hugo Bunk of Laser Image. You should contact him directly at

    Best regards,

    William Benner
  5. poulm

    poulm Beta Tester


    Like to know if anybody have tryed the new controller. I have mailed Hugo twice, but haven't got any reply jet. So there for, newer heard the price on it. Does anyone have some info / Update, they like to share with us ?

    Poul Moeller - Laser Power - Denmark
    mail "at"
  6. craigdevita

    craigdevita New Member

    Im assuming your are refering to the Live Controller which is USB interfaced?

    If so, definately worth the buy, I have used it a few times when I have done shows in Australia for Glenn, I have used the old midi contorller he originally was using which made live shows so much easier and smoother, however I fel in love with the new controller the second I saw it in action.

    So much more control over individual tracks and the ability to use snapshots so more effectively.. This control is in my opinion the pinnical of Laser display coupled with Pangolin LIVE PRO.

    If you really want to take it to the next level, add the LaserShow Performer Consol and your shows will be beyond eye popping.

    Best of all, the time it takes to learn is hardly even worth mentioning as you can almost jump on and get started. There are a few things you may need to set up like drivers and such but im sure once this is all done, your shows will be as sharp as a razor every time you turn them on.

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