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Discussion in 'LivePRO' started by Lawrence, Feb 8, 2005.

  1. Lawrence

    Lawrence New Member

    I see that many people are asking for a desk for LIVEPRO.

    Well there is one in developement. It features full direct control of all livepro functions using approx 110 keys and approx 20 or so faders. Everything on the livepro computer screen will be directly accessible and the effects will be triggered from a central touch screen. There will be 2 versions available the lite version with out the touch screen, using keys instead and the pro version with the touch screen. The console will also incorporate controls for any other midi controlled device, at present I use my beta version for laser control and video server playback at the same time.

    Hopefully this product should be released by mid summer.

    Interested in this product? Let me know.
    Mail me on

  2. imported_Hugo

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    Hi Lawrence,
    sounds very interesting why not supply us a link were you post your progress so we can have a sneak peak and let us give you feedback so that we don t have to bother making something ourself. :N