notebook versus tablet ?

Discussion in 'LivePRO' started by hexagon8, Apr 6, 2004.

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    Hello out there.......
    Having just up graded my controllers from analogue to LD2000 Pro.
    I am looking for any tips/info/help - on the "best" set up.
    I really need a portable system as I do different venues from week to week, so was planning on a notebook with the Solo MD-3 docking station and a Lasershow performer console........But I thought I had no choice .
    I'm not even sure of the best laptop as I'm a Macintosh user at home and the Pangolin site info quotes notebooks from 1999/2000
    any pointers would be greatly appreciated. THANX
  2. Vivian

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    You can use any PC notebook computer with a PCMCIA slot available together with a Magma system

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  3. GlennT

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    If you really want a simple but powerful setup, I use for my run around shows a slave PC at the laser with the Pangolin QM installed connected to an Access Point with wireless.

    Then run a network cable, much better than dataDB25, back to control to my laptop/tablet.

    My tablet doesnt have a RS232 port so I use a USB to COM port adapter to use the performer console.

    So, the beauty of this system is, using the tablet with wireless network I can pick it up from control and walk around the room setting up my zones, then when we do the show I connect it back to the network cable, spin the screen around to sit close to the performer console then go.

    Its a more smoother operation using network cable over wireless as the tablet is only P3 1.2g and as LivePRO is processor hungry you really need the cable.

    The laptop / tablet only cost $2,600AU which is about $2kUS. Then a slave PC, P3 theres ok too, $800. Then the performer console.