Only Enhanced Reality Preview on one track??

Discussion in 'LivePRO' started by Stuart, Oct 14, 2004.

  1. Stuart

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    Hi there,

    I only get enhanced reality preview on one track, all the other are just shown as lines?
    Are there some track specific preferences i don't know about, ideally i'd want everything as an enhanced reality preview.

  2. luminavp

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    In LD2000 projection zone setup dialog you can specify how the enhanced reality preview looks for each zone. So what is most likely happening is some of hte tracks are outputting to zones where enhanced reality preview is set just to show the graphics as if they were on a screen - not through smoke :)

    I was confused about this for a while when i first got livepro going too.

    Let us know how you go :)


  3. GlennT

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    Adrian is correct, in Projection zones you select whether that specific zone allows enhanced reality or not. So thats your first problem. The next and more important issue is why is only one track outputting to a different zone to the others? When you control Livepro, you should be totally aware of what each track is doing, for example, which zone is it outputting to?

    There are a few ways to look at this:

    1) each cue has the ability to be assigned to a zone, goto CUE TAB / IMAGE then sub tab Pr/Zones, now select the audience scanning zone e.g. 4, or if your using the workspace that is supplied with Livepro then the zone may be somewhere between 11 and 30. Check the workspace description in the "file" drop down menu to see the explanation for the zone assignment.

    2) each track can be set to override the cues preferred zone by using the "track to zone" system. You access this by the little arrow pointing upwards located in the monitor section just above track 1 preview. You may wonder what this is for, I use this so that I can make any cue goto a mirror ball or alternatively I use it to put any cue into another zone of choice on demnand. Basically it allows maximum flexibility by not limiting cues to their pre-set zone.

    3) so now, check the cues preferred zone, then now check the track-to-zone system and learn these two systems so that you will not be confussed when a track unexpectadely outputs to a different zone than you thought.

    For fast access to this track-to-zone system I use snapshots. Lets say I want all tracks to, at a press of a button, goto a mirror ball zone. Press play, open the track to zone system and set each track to goto the mirror ball zone, now make a snapshot of this (while in play mode), now call that cue "mirror balls". Now, just as important, make another snapshot that resets this by going back to the track to zone system and set each track to use the cues preferred projection zone, which is the default state of Livepro, now make a snapshot of this and call it "default" or something like that. Now while your operating, hit the mirror ball snapshot cue, now any cue you hit will goto the mirror balls, to go back to normal, hit the default cue again and resume normal operation.

    I hope this helps,