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Discussion in 'LivePRO' started by luminavp, Sep 9, 2004.

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    Hey guys,

    I originally was using livepro on a p3 500, with 512mb ram. This was very sluggish, so we've started using livepro - networked - on a p4, 3.0ghz laptop, with the card in the p3 500.

    For the most part I guess you could say it runs okay, I cannot succesffuly run LD2000 and livepro at the same time as i used to be able to do previously without networking. However this isn't too much of an issue.

    What is an issue is that every minute or so, the output of livepro 'pauses', and even the preview in the track output window pauses too. It will 'pause' for a second or two then keep going with what it was doing. I see this with anthing - beam chases- lissajous - animations - whatever.... I am not sure how i should go about troubleshooting.

    I am using a wireless G network. From recent discussions about networking i'd presume this woul dbe plenty fast..... and the fact that even the output previews pause as well have lead me to believe that it isn't necessarily a network related problem... or am i way off the mark ?

    any help would be greatly appreciated.


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    The wireless networking is indeed the problem here. I have seen this myself with 54mBit systems. I am not sure if it is solvable, or what exactly is causing it. You should talk to your wireless network hardware provider and tell them you have a real-time application and that you are seeing these pauses.

    Wireless networking with LivePRO is ambitious. Wireless networking with LD or Showtime is less of an issue becuase when playing a show, only low bandwidth is needed. For LivePRO, maximum and continuos bandwidth would be required.

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    I agree with Bill,I think that the moment LP freezes its because of an error in or missing packet and it is to be resend at that moment.This is very common with wlan you should download a network throughput meter to see what is actually your throughput.You will be suprised how low that is especially if you have objects in your path or a few 1000 people absorb like a rf spongue.
    Nevertheless I have good results with 11mbit and just one qm with LP as long as your not using position
    it will work fine but if it is easy to run a cable I will always do that.