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    As you have taken Phoenix in your Firm, I'd like to know if Phoenix USB-ILDA boxes will be supportet by your Programm. Ich have a Phoenix Live Software with Dongle and USB-Ilda Box an the Quickshow Programm and box. For my two Lasers it would be fabulos to get them both be engeneered by Quickshow.
    Sorry for my English im a bloody Kraut.
  2. Bob@Pangolin

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    Hi Chris,

    As far as I personally know, at the moment the answer is no.

    But our development team is looking at several possibilities,
    so if this will become possible in the future, is not known yet.

    It depends on lots of factors, with safety of the audience being number 1 on that list.

    Im sorry that I can't give a more definitive answer at the moment.
    As soon as we know, we will let everyone know.

    I advise all Phoenix clients to subscribe to our newsletter.

    Our newsletter is the place where we announce such information.

    Best regards,
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  3. Pangolin

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    We are still investigating this, but I actually doubt it will be possible to run Pangolin software on the Phoenix hardware.

    For the past 10 years Pangolin has not been operating under the simple concept of a constant and unchanging point output rate, that all other software uses. Instead our softare may change the sample rate many times during a time period other companies call "a frame". We do this because we can control the beam better by constantly changing the sample rate.

    Other software is built on a very simple concept, but our hardware and software are built on really far more rigorous numerical structure. This is one of the many reasons why images simply look better when they are coming from Pangolin software and hardware.

    It is likely, however, that Phoenix software will run alongside Pangolin software and output to our hardware. We are working on that right now.

    Best regards,

    William Benner