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  1. BJD

    BJD New Member

    Hi everyone and appreciation in advance for any help or support offered

    I have the FB3 controller running QS V5.0 Build 1554
    lw PRO-1600RGB projector

    I'm trying to create a company logo within 'quick trace' using a good quality jpeg file. Whatever I try I cannot achieve a steady or full image .....it just flickers manically and is never a complete image.

    Any tips/tricks/ideas ......thanks
  2. Igor Strakhov

    Igor Strakhov Staff Member

    Hi, BDJ!
    The Quick Trace tool will give a good result in a very limited range of simple images.

    The number of points for 40 kpps scanners, at which there will be no flickering, should be no more than 1200...1500
    In general, in order to get adequate results, it is necessary to manually draw the vector version of the object in any vector editor.

    In Beyond, such vector files can be loaded directly in the Frame Editor.
  3. BJD

    BJD New Member

    Thank you Ivor. Some useful and valid points there for me to investigate