Safety Zone not working

Discussion in 'Phoenix' started by jason5d, May 24, 2017.

  1. jason5d

    jason5d Member

    when i set up a safety zone in the safety zone tab it doesn't effect the laser

    please advise

    thx in advance
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  2. Daniel-Pangolin-Support

    Daniel-Pangolin-Support Pangolin Support

    Dear Jeason5D,

    Please let us know about which laser software solution you are talkin about?!

    Phoenix Live? Phoenix Pro/ProPlus?

    Did you select the correct zone before? (e.g. Text, Screen, Audience)

    Thank you.

    Kind regards

  3. jason5d

    jason5d Member

    It's live v4.2 and the zone is set to audience
    This is for ariel effects in a venue, I need to set up a safety
    zone to project on the balcony front and roof only,
    not me or the occasional security guard sat on the balcony.

    I have set 2 red boxes in the safety zone window both at 100%
    when I select each of the boxes and click show on laser red boxes
    are projected by the laser but it does affect the normal laser output.
  4. jason5d

    jason5d Member

    I got it working, turns out i was mixing up the safety zone for projection zone

  5. Daniel-Pangolin-Support

    Daniel-Pangolin-Support Pangolin Support


    We are happy to hear that.