safetyscan lens


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Hello, how are you, I want to know how I can choose my safety lenses for a generic laser projector, I wanted to know how I can get the m2, mRad etc. if my supplier does not have this information, I don't know if this information can be obtained through the device (ILT2500 CW and Pulsed/Flash Light Measurement System), I was also reading the tables that are in the information on the lenses and I cannot understand the tables that are there very well, what I understand from the tables is that depending on the m2 and the mrad any diopter Is it safe to do audience scanning depending on said information? I hope you can clarify my doubts, thank you!
I hope the supplier of the laser knows how thick the beam is that comes out of the laser.

Every laser is different and this is information you need to do a decent calculation.