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  1. Charles Inman

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    This is like a two part question, first, how can you add the new or different emojis if possible to IMU and the second question is are there any updates on being able to mms (pictures) on IMU
  2. Pangolin

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    Emojis are supported in VMU. You'll have to poke around in there to find them, but it's semi-obvious.

    As for updates, as noted in another reply, IMU has been available for 15 years, but the peak of the SMS craze happened around 2008. With WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, and a zillion other "apps" available, people don't really use SMS very much any more...

    Whereas IMU started as a program for $5000, it is now offered for free. As such, if we continually spent our time developing it, we'd be out on the streets begging for food... I hope you understand -- Pangolin does not get paid by the government. (Hehe, in fact we pay the government in the form of taxes...) Since we need to earn a living, we can't do that by "selling" free software...

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